QRadar apps overview

Download and install apps that extend QRadar® functionality from the IBM Security App Exchange.

The IBM Security App Exchange is a community-based sharing hub, that you use to share apps across IBM Security products. By participating in App Exchange, you can use the rapidly assembled, innovative workflows, visualizations, analytics, and use cases that are packaged into apps to address specific security requirements. To detect and remediate against threats, you can use the security components from real-time correlation and behavioral modeling to custom responses and reference data. Easy-to-use solutions are developed by partners, consultants, developers to address key security challenges.
Note: The combined memory requirements of all the apps that are installed on a QRadar Console cannot exceed 10 per cent of the total available memory. If you install an app that causes the 10 per cent memory limit to be exceeded, the app does not work.

QRadar apps workflow

IBM® QRadar apps are created by developers. After a developer creates an app, IBM certifies and publishes it in the IBM Security App Exchange. QRadar administrators can then browse and download the apps and then install the apps into QRadar to address specific security requirements.

The following diagram shows the workflow for an app and the role who is typically responsible for the work.

Figure 1. App workflow
App workflow

Installing apps in a multi-tenant environment

QRadar V7.4.0 and later includes support for multi-tenanted apps. A number of out of the box apps, such as Pulse, Assistant, and Log Source Management, can be used in a multi-tenant environment. Developers can also create and test apps that support multi-tenancy. To install apps in a multi-tenant environment, use the QRadar Assistant App.