QRadar Cloud Visibility app

Businesses are transforming to use the cloud on multiple platforms simultaneously. Threats are evolving to attack data from every angle. This evolution leads to many cloud security challenges, including adapting to flexible cloud environments, new cloud threats, and more. IBM® QRadar® Cloud Visibility is a multi-cloud solution to manage and provide security for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud® environments.

The app uses existing QRadar cloud integrations that bring log data from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments into QRadar, and uses rules from QRadar cloud content extensions in the IBM Security App Exchange. Using these data streams and security use cases, QRadar can detect cloud misconfiguration (such as common misconfiguration in AWS S3 buckets or Azure Blob storage) and identify threats. QRadar Cloud Visibility enables analysts to visualize potential offenses in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud.

The app includes the following enhanced AWS capabilities:
  • Simplified log source management
  • Identity and Access Management for accounts, users, and IAM roles
  • Auto-Population of QRadar Network Hierarchy
  • Amazon VPC flow log visualization