QRadar Certificate Management

As part of centralized certificate management, IBM® QRadar Certificate Management provides a solution with a central location to view certificates, upload and validate new certificates, and notify users when certificates expire or are about to expire.

QRadar Certificate Management provides:
  • Integration for IBM QRadar components that need certificates to communicate with external servers.
  • Ability to upload, delete, and view the status of a root CA. A root CA might be needed in these situations:
    • When you upload a server/client certificate, you might need to upload a corresponding root CA.
    • A root CA is needed when you upload a certificate to replace the default certificate generated by the QRadar local CA, and when that certificate is signed by a local authority
Important: You can only use QRadar Certificate Management to manage certificates of those QRadar components that adopt the certificate management framework.

You can use QRadar Certificate Management with a set of selected log source protocols that you configure in the QRadar Log Source Management app. QRadar Log Source Management links to the QRadar Certificate Management to upload new certificates, and provides a list of relevant certificates that were previously uploaded that uses the QRadar Log Source Management. For a list of supported protocols, see Certificate Management Protocols.

You can use the QRadar Certificate Management with a SAML authentication module.