QRadar Assistant app

Use the IBM® QRadar® Assistant app to manage your app and content extension inventory, view app and content extension recommendations, follow the QRadar Twitter feed, and get links to useful information.

Tip: After upgrading the QRadar Assistant app, you may need to clear your browser cache to see the new Assistant app icon and application content.
Attention: Use Extensions Management rather than the QRadar® Assistant app to manage extensions that have dependencies.
The QRadar Assistant app consists of the following sections:
Guide Center
The QRadar Assistant Guide Center is a central point that links to a wide collection of QRadar information resources. From the Guide Center, you can view tuning and use cases videos that are recorded by QRadar experts, watch previously recorded open mic sessions, access a wide variety of QRadar technical tips, view IBM Security Community information, and watch video tutorials provided by IBM Learning Academy.
Featured Applications
Featured applications are the most recently recommended applications that are featured by IBM.
Twitter and Support
View the IBM QRadar Twitter feed from IBMSecurity (https://twitter.com/IBMSecurity).
Support Forum
View the latest QRadar related questions from IBM developerWorks forums.
Applications page
Search, sort, and filter available apps by various categories. You can see a quick view of the app, then expand to see the full description and download the app. See which apps have updates available.

When you select an app to download, it appears in the download drawer. download drawer

Open the drawer to see a list of apps that are queued for download or installation. You can place up to five apps in the download queue at one time. To keep the download drawer open, click the pin icon.

From Version 2.3.0, you can also view the list of currently installed QRadar extensions and contents.

Watson Integration
On the Watson Integration page, you can learn how the IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson works with QRadar to investigate and respond to threats. You can review requirements for your QRadar system to install and run the Advisor app. You can also download and install QRadar Advisor with Watson directly from the Assistant app.

For more information about QRadar Advisor with Watson, see the Advisor documentation here: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/qradar-common?topic=apps-qradar-advisor-watson-app