Supported environments for QRadar Cloud Visibility

For the features in QRadar® products to work properly, you must use the supported environments. The environments for QRadar Cloud Visibility include supported versions of QRadar, supported web browsers, and supported RPMs.

Supported versions of QRadar

  • QRadar 7.5 or later
  • QRadar on Cloud

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Supported browsers

The QRadar Cloud Visibility app is supported on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Supported RPMs

Download the supported RPMs on IBM® Support Fix Central (

Without compatible RPMs, you are not able to use the capabilities on the CloudTrail Log Source tab on the Utilities page or to visualize Amazon VPC Flows. The following RPMs are supported by QRadar Cloud Visibility:
  • 7.3.0-QRADAR-DSM-AmazonAWSCloudTrail-7.3-20191022131855.noarch.rpm
  • 7.3.0-QRADAR-PROTOCOL-AmazonAWSRESTAPI-7.3-20190424152945.noarch.rpm
  • 7.3.0-QRADAR-DSM-AmazonGuardDuty-7.3-20191212163008.noarch.rpm
Note: After you install these RPMs, you are given postinstallation steps to follow from the QRadar Console. These steps open in a new window, and you must follow them to ensure that the RPMs are installed properly.

Supported memory requirements

Before you install the app, ensure that IBM QRadar meets the minimum memory (RAM) requirements. QRadar Cloud Visibility requires 350 MB of free memory from the application pool of memory. If QRadar Cloud Visibility fails to install, your application pool does not have enough free memory to run the app. Consider adding an app host to your QRadar deployment. For more information, see