Proxy mapping configuration

Use the QRadar® on Cloud Self-Serve app to configure proxy mapping for your QRadar on Cloud instance.

Many apps require network access to devices, servers, or services on the customer network. These resources are not normally accessible from the internet. You use data gateway proxy mapping to create a secure tunnel between the QRadar on Cloud apps and your on-premises network resources. Only QRadar on Cloud apps use the VPN tunnel to your resources.

Figure 1. QRadar on Cloud VPN tunnel
QRadar on Cloud VPN tunnel

For example, you use the LDAP Reference Set Importer to import LDAP records for user analytics. You can create a proxy mapping that specifies the classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) range where your LDAP servers are located and which data gateway the QRadar on Cloud apps use for the tunnel. You can also specify single IP addresses with a CIDR ending in /32.

Important: Proxy mappings must use the IP addresses of the destination resource. Also, you cannot limit which QRadar on Cloud apps have access to which proxy mappings.