Proxy fails to validate

If you encounter failures when you enter your proxy settings, you can verify that your proxy credentials are correct and verify your firewall settings.

The QRadar® Advisor with Watson™ app must be able to contact the X-Force® Exchange (XFE). The proxy validation can fail due to the following reasons:
  • You entered your proxy credential settings incorrectly.
  • You have a firewall between your QRadar system and the internet.

Possible Solutions

Verify that you have the correct proxy settings and then validate the settings. When the proxy authentication information is entered correctly, you receive a Saved message beside the Submit button. When you enter the authentication information incorrectly, you receive an error message.

If you have a firewall between your QRadar consoles and X-Force Exchange, you might need to ask your administrator to open the connection to X-Force Exchange. You must open the following IP addresses to the firewall: For more information, see Firewall rules necessary to ensure X-Force Exchange site access.

The QRadar Advisor with Watson app communicates with X-Force Exchange over port 443 only.

If you verified your proxy credentials and firewall settings and are still having proxy connectivity issues, you can check whether the console can connect to the internet. The app must be able to contact