Prerequisites for installing the Machine Learning Analytics app

Before you install the Machine Learning Analytics app, ensure that you meet the requirements.

You must meet the following system requirements and fully install and configure the User Behavior Analytics (UBA) app before you can install the Machine Learning Analytics app.
Component Minimum requirements
System memory 2 GB of free memory from the QRadar® application pool of memory
IBM® QRadar version Verify that you have IBM Security QRadar 7.4.3 Fix Pack 6 or later installed.
Sense DSM Install the DSM RPM file.
UBA app
  • Install UBA.
  • Configure the UBA Settings.
  • Click the User Analytics tab and confirm that the UBA dashboard contains user data.

Installing the IBM Sense DSM manually

The UBA app and the Machine Learning Analytics app use the following IBM Sense DSM files to add user risk scores and offenses into QRadar.
  • For QRadar 7.4.0 and later: DSM-IBMSense-7.4-20200812144513.noarch.rpm
Restriction: Uninstalling a Device Support Module (DSM) is not supported in QRadar.
  1. Copy the DSM RPM file to your QRadar Console.
  2. Use SSH to log in to the QRadar host as the root user.
  3. Go to the directory that includes the downloaded file.
  4. Type the following command:

    rpm -Uvh <rpm_filename>

  5. From the Admin settings, click Advanced > Deploy Full Configuration.
Note: For instructions on installing and configuring the UBA app, see QRadar User Behavior Analytics.