Possible privacy settings

You can make several configuration adjustments in your QRadar® Advisor with Watson™ app to affect what data is passed to Watson for Cybersecurity during offense investigations.

Change property mapping

QRadar Advisor with Watson queries only your QRadar system for custom properties that you mapped in the QRadar Advisor Configuration. You can unmap any properties that you do not want to send to the cloud for analysis. For more information, see Mapping custom properties.

Change security profile for authorized tokens

QRadar Advisor with Watson uses a Limited Service Token to complete its investigations into your QRadar system. QRadar Advisor with Watson is only able to query information that the Limited Service Token has access to. You can give the Limited Service Token a Security Profile that contains only networks or log sources that you want QRadar Advisor with Watson to have access to. For more information, see the Creating authorized service tokens.

Change users who have access to QRadar Advisor with Watson

You can give access to QRadar Advisor with Watson to only those users who need it. For more information, see Assigning user capabilities for the QRadar Advisor with Watson app.