Phone Home

QRadar® Assistant app V 1.1.5 and later include a new Phone Home feature, which anonymously shares data with the IBM® X-Force® Exchange to monitor QRadar and detect issues early.

Why should I opt in to the Phone Home feature?

Opting in allows IBM to proactively detect issues in QRadar before they affect your assets. It also helps IBM evaluate how you use QRadar, to more effectively develop product features and services in those areas.

How do I opt in?

After you update the QRadar Assistant app, a window will prompt you to agree or disagree to using the Phone Home feature. Select Agree to start using the feature.

If you want to opt in at a later time, select to the Help tab on the User Settings window, and select Opt In.

How do I opt out?

If you select Disagree, you are not prompted again until you update the app again. If you want to opt in later, click the Help tab on the User Settings window, and select Opt Out.

What information is shared?

The following table describes the information you can share with IBM.
Table 1. Information shared by the Phone Home feature
Information Description
Average EPS and FPS The average events per second and flows per minute over 24 hours
Deployment Basic deployment information
Disk Usage Percentage of disk used on each host
Extension Information Basic app information, such as number of extensions, extension name, application status
Health Metrics QRadar health metrics
Health Score Count of offenses, vulnerabilities, rules, log sources, and assets
Licenses Basic license information
User Login Count Login count for previous week
Log Sources Basic log source information
Network Hierarchy Network asset count
Notifications Basic notifications information
Offenses Basic offense information
QRadar Version Information QRadar version (7.2.8, 7.3.1)
Reference Data Basic reference set information, including database servers, DHCP servers, and DNS servers
Top Offenses Top offenses count
Top Rules Top rules count

Privacy information

This feature does not collect personally identifiable information. Information you share with the IBM X-Force Exchange does not include IP addresses, host names, log source information, or any other information that identifies specific customers. To delete your information please contact and include your X-Force Exchange username.