Downloading apps with the QRadar Assistant app

On the Applications page, you can download and install apps from the IBM® X-Force® Exchange.


  1. Use any of the following methods to find apps:
    Option Description
    Search Type the app name or other descriptive information in the Search field.
    Sort You can sort the list of apps by newest, most downloaded, or alphabetically.
    Filter You can select to see Early Access apps only, Essential apps only, or Premier apps only.
    Categories You can also filter by one or more app categories to narrow the list.
  2. To see a brief description of the app, click Quick View.
  3. To see the full description, click the app in the list, or click See full description from the Quick View window.
  4. From the full app description, click Install, then click Accept Terms to download and install the app.
  5. Optional: Hover over the download drawer icon to see icons of the apps that are queued for download or installation.
    Assistant download drawer

    You can place up to five apps in the download queue at one time.

    Tip: To keep the download drawer open, click the pin icon. When the download drawer is open, you can click any of the app icons in the queue to see a description of the app. Hover over the app icon to see the installation status.
  6. Optional: Click the download drawer icon to see the Quick View and installation status of all apps that are being installed.
    Note: To conserve resources on your host, the Assistant app installs only one app at a time.