Configuring webhooks

Configure webhooks to send your QRadar® Advisor with Watson™ analysis results to an external service.

About this task

Add and configure webhooks to send the analysis results from your completed investigations to an external service. Information about the investigated offense, including offense details and the analysis results from Watson Insights, are sent to the services you specify. You can also send the knowledge graph in the form of a STIX JSON bundle. Depending on the size of the knowledge graph, the STIX file can be large and take several minutes to transfer.


  1. On the navigation menu ( Navigation menu icon ), click Admin.
  2. In the Apps section, under QRadar Advisor with Watson, click Webhooks.
  3. Click Add Webhook.
  4. Enter the URL of the service that you want to send your results to.
  5. Optional: To send all of the information that is related to your completed investigations, click Send knowledge graph.
  6. Optional: To authenticate to the site, click Authenticate to external server and enter your user name and password.
  7. Optional: To verify that the URL is live, click Test.
  8. Click Add.
    Add Webhook screen


After you first add the webhook, the status shows "No status available". After an investigation completes and the webhook successfully sends the analysis results to the remote server, then the status shows the date and time.