Opening shared dashboard links

When you open a dashboard link that another user shares with you, you see the dashboard in read-only mode. You can see updates that are made to the dashboard by the dashboard author. You see only the dashboard items that match your user privileges. For example, if you're not allowed to view offenses in IBM® QRadar®, you can't see them in IBM QRadar Pulse.

A dashboard author sends you a dashboard link (such as by email).

Limited capabilities are available to users of read-only dashboards. You can set dashboard parameters by using the Parameters card or by drilling down within the dashboard. In addition, you can open dashboards or items in a new window and click the More options menu to see other read-only capabilities such as pinning and scaling dashboards.

The dashboard author might share more than one dashboard so that you can drill down from one dashboard to another.

You can import shared dashboards. By importing a shared dashboard, you create an editable copy that is saved separately to your dashboard list. The copy does not receive updates from the author of the shared dashboard.

You can't share dashboards that are shared with you.

Shared dashboard widgets appear in your widgets library as read-only; you can't edit or delete read-only widgets, but you can duplicate them to make an editable copy. Shared dashboard widgets are removed from your widgets library if you delete the shared dashboard to which they belong or if the dashboard author stops sharing.

  1. In IBM QRadar, open a new browser window or tab, and paste the dashboard URL link that you received into the address bar.
    The shared dashboard opens in read-only mode. It appears in your dashboard list so that you can easily return to the shared dashboard, and has a Shared by <user> tag so that you know who authored the dashboard.
  2. Optional: To import the shared dashboard so that you can make changes, click More options > Import shared dashboard.
    An editable copy of the shared dashboard is saved to your dashboard list, with a timestamp suffix. The copy does not receive updates from the author of the shared dashboard.
  3. Optional: To delete the shared dashboard, click More options > Delete.
    When you delete a shared dashboard from your workspace, all of the shared dashboard's read-only widgets are also deleted from your widgets library.