Agent advanced settings

Advanced users who want finer control of their WinCollect 10 agents can access the following settings by turning on the advanced UI.

Parameter Default value Description
Notes   A free-form text field where you can add notes.
Identifier The default value is the Agent Name.

The unique ID of this agent overrides the agent name. Changing this setting updates the payload header for the Agent messages.

For example, if you add an identifier of PERF-1-2019_IIS_Server, the payload would change to
<13>Aug 04 15:32:57 PERF-1-2019_IIS_Server
QRadar eventually adds this agent as a new source.
Heartbeat custom properties  

A comma-separated list of keyword=value to add to the heartbeat message.

For example, if you add department=Accounting, group=AC105 to this list, these values are added to the end of the Agent's Status heartbeat message.
msg=ApplicationHeartbeat    department=Accounting   group=AC105