What's new in WinCollect

Learn about the new features in each WinCollect release.

What's new in V7.3.1

Important: WinCollect 7.3.1 P3 supports QRadar UP8 or later. If your QRadar system is upgraded to UP8 or later but is running WC 7.3.1 P1 or earlier, you must upgrade to WinCollect 7.3.1 P3 so that the agents work properly. For more information, see the ‘Known issues’ section in this release note: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/7029393 and this tech note: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6953887

Managed WinCollect versions 7.3.1 p2 and later are compatible only with QRadar 7.5.0 UP4 and later.

Managed WinCollect versions 7.3.1 p1 (build 22) and earlier are compatible only with QRadar 7.5.0 update package 3 and earlier. Managed WinCollect 7.x users who want to update to QRadar 7.5.0 UP4 must perform an sfs installation of QRadar 7.3.1 p2. For more information, see https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6953887.

Note: WinCollect 7.3.1 can only be installed on QRadar® 7.3.3 or later.
WinCollect 7.3.1 includes the following capabilities:
  • Added a WinCollect configuration server logging protocol that allows more detailed debugging messages.
  • You can now reregister an agent with the same name in a managed deployment.
  • Improvements made with restoring WinCollect agents in a restored QRadar deployment.

What's new in V7.3.0

Note: WinCollect 7.3.0 can only be installed on QRadar 7.3.3 or later.
WinCollect 7.3.0 includes the following capabilities:
  • You can set the Status Server setting to Disabled to send only a heartbeat without status messages, or set the value to None if you don't want to send a heartbeat or status messages.
  • You can add a secondary destination to receive events from your WinCollect agents if the primary destination fails.
    Note: This feature is available for stand-alone deployments. This will be available for Managed agents in a future release of QRadar.

What's new in 7.2.9

WinCollect 7.2.9 includes the following capabilities:
  • Event Forwarding Filtering
  • Event Forwarding Sending to one log source support
  • Digitally signed installers
  • Millisecond Time format for Event Log collection
  • DHCP support for Spanish and Polish
  • CP Support for Status Messages
  • File Forwarder multi-line log support
  • Removed MMC requirement from patch installer install