Monitoring managed hosts

Use the Managed Hosts page to see system notifications and the system memory and CPU usage statistics for all the managed hosts that are connected to a single deployment.

To help you quickly determine which managed hosts require attention, the top portion of the managed host card is color coded: Red indicates Critical status, yellow indicates Warning status, and gray indicates Healthy status.

Figure 1. Managed Hosts page in Master Console
This image shows the Managed Host view in Master Console. This view shows the QRadar version for deployment, as well as operational data, such as the CPU and memory usage, for the managed host.


  1. To view the Managed Hosts page, click the deployment card on the Deployments by Severity page.
  2. On the Managed Hosts page, you can do the following actions:
    • Click View Deployment to log in to a QRadar® deployment.
    • Click the Tenants, Domains, and Extensions tabs to view information about the tenants, domains, and extensions that are configured in the deployment.
    • Hover the mouse over the managed host graphs to view more information about the graph metrics.
    • To hide a metric from the managed host graph, click the colored icon for the metric. For example, to hide the SystemCPU metric from the graph, click the gray circle beside System CPU.
    • To view operational data about the host, such as CPU and memory usage, network and disk reads and writes, and the event and flow rates, click the managed host card.