Adding devices that are managed by an NSM console

Use Configuration Source Management to add all devices from a Juniper Networks NSM (Network and Security Manager) console to IBM QRadar Risk Manager.

Before you begin

Review the supported software versions, credentials, and required commands for your network devices. For more information, see Supported adapters.


  1. On the navigation menu ( Navigation menu icon), click Admin to open the admin tab.
  2. On the Admin navigation menu, click Plug-ins or Apps.
    • In IBM Security QRadar V7.3.0 or earlier, click Plug-ins.
    • In IBM Security QRadar V7.3.1, click Apps.
  3. On the Risk Manager pane, click Configuration Source Management.
  4. On the navigation menu, click Credentials.
  5. On the Network Groups pane, click Add a new network group.
    1. Type a name for the network group, and click OK.
    2. Type the IP address of your device, and click Add.

      You can type an IP address, a range of IP addresses, a CIDR subnet, or a wildcard.

      Restriction: Do not replicate device addresses that exist in other network groups in Configuration Source Management.
    3. Ensure that the addresses that you add are displayed in the Network address box beside the Add address box.
    4. Repeat the previous two steps for each IP address that you want to add.
  6. On the Credentials pane, click Add a new credential set.
    1. Type a name for the credential set, and click OK.
    2. Select the name of the credential set that you created and enter values for the parameters.

      The following table describes the parameters.

      Table 1. Parameter options for Juniper NSM web services credentials
      Parameter Description

      A valid user name to log in to the Juniper NSM (Network and Security Manager) web services.

      For Juniper NSM web services, this user must be able to access the Juniper NSM server.


      The password for the device.

      Enable Password

      Not required.

      Restriction: Juniper Networks NSM (Network and Security Manager) does not support SNMP.
  7. On the navigation menu, click Discover from NSM.
  8. Enter values for the IP address and user credentials, click OK and then click GO.
  9. Select the device that you added to the device list, and click Backup and then click Yes.

What to do next

After you add all of the required devices, you can configure protocols. For more information, see the IBM QRadar Risk Manager User Guide.