Filtering the list of users

Create a search query to filter the list of Master Console users that appear on the User Management page. For example, filter the user list to show only those users who are active or only users with the Admin security profile.

About this task

You use the full-text search field on the User Management page to quickly find users that are close or exact matches to the search criteria. The full text search capability is based on the Apache Lucene search engine. To search by using a single character wildcard, use a question mark (?). To search by using multiple character wild cards, use an asterisk (*). You can narrow the search by specifying which user field that you want to search on.


  1. From the menu icon, click Settings > User Management.
  2. In the search field, type the search query for the text that you want to search for.
    • To search for free-form text, use complete words in a free-form search. You cannot use partial words or wild cards.
    • To search for data in a specific field, enter the search query in the following format:


      Type the field identifier, followed by a colon, and then type the term that you are looking for.

    The following table shows examples of queries you can use to search user data:

    Table 1. User data search expressions
    Search string Description
    name:John Search for text in the Username field.
    login:Coop1 Search for a unique login name. Searches in this field are case-sensitive. Search for an email address.

    You must provide the full email address. You cannot search for a partial email address.

    status:ACTIVE Search for users who are currently active on the system.
    role_name:admin Search for all users who have administrative privileges.
    last_modified:[NOW-14DAYS TO NOW] Search for users whose profiles were modified in the last 14 days.