Juniper Steel-Belted Radius log source configuration options

Use the reference information to configure the WinCollect plug-in for Juniper Steel-Belted Radius.
Table 1. Juniper Steel-Belted Radius protocol parameters
Parameter Description
Log Source Type Juniper Steel-Belted Radius
Protocol Configuration WinCollect Juniper SBR
Local System

To collect local events, the WinCollect agent must be installed on the same host as the Juniper Steel-Belted Radius server. The log source uses local system credentials to collect and forward events to QRadar®.

Root Directory

The directory that contains the files that you want to monitor. The QRadar user interface does not verify the path to the root directory. Ensure that you enter a valid local Windows path.

File Monitor Policy The Notification-based (local) option uses the Windows file system notifications to detect changes to your event log.

The Polling-based (remote) option monitors changes to remote files and directories. The agent polls the remote event log and compares the file to the last polling interval. If the event log contains new events, the event log is retrieved.

Polling Interval

The amount of time between queries to the root log directory for new events.