Importing users from a CSV file

You can import user data, directly into the UBA app, from a CSV file.

Before you begin

You can access the User import wizard. For more information, see Importing users

About this task

You can import user data, directly into the UBA app, from a CSV file. The data is automatically loaded after you upload the file. You cannot reimport the same file and you cannot edit or repoll.


  1. On the User Imports window, click Add and then click CSV File.
  2. Upload a CSV file. You can drag or click browse to open the file.
    Important: The CSV file must be in UTF-8 format must not be greater than 10 MB. It must contain a header that has column names, use commas to delimit, and must contain at least one column with unique data.
  3. Click Next to open the Other import settings screen.
  4. If you want to update the reference table with user-imported data, enable Synchronize reference table. (Available in UBA 3.8.0 and later.)
    1. In the Reference table name field, enter a name.
    2. In the Reference table outer key field, select a unique value to group all other attributes.
    3. Select the Generate map of sets checkbox to make data available for use in rules and searches.
  5. Click Next to review the summary of the configuration and then click Save.

What to do next

You can add more import configurations or continue tuning your existing import configurations.