Refetching data from TAXII data collections

If you recently started to follow a new XFE Public Collections I follow collection, you can refetch all its previous data. Without refetching, you get only the data added to the collection from the time you started to follow it.

About this task

If you choose to refetch the data from a specific date, the following conditions apply:
  • That date is set as the new start date for the feed.
  • The signature counts are reset to 0.
  • Data that is already collected by this feed remains intact in the reference set.


  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Plug-ins > Threat Intelligence > STIX/TAXII Configuration.
  3. In the Configured Threat Intelligence Feeds section, click Refetch on the relevant feed.
  4. On the Refetch data page, select the timeframe for refetching the data, and click Refetch.