Adding a secondary destination

You can add a secondary destination to receive events from your WinCollect agents if the primary destination fails.

About this task

Note: Adding a secondary destination is available in IBM® QRadar® 7.4.3 and later.
Use the following procedure to add a QRadar host as a secondary destination to an existing primary destination. For more information about adding a secondary destination during the installation process, see Adding a destination.
Note: To specify a secondary destination, you must select TCP.


  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. On the navigation menu, click Data Sources.
  3. Click WinCollect > Destinations.
  4. Select a destination and click Edit.
  5. Select the TCP Protocol.
  6. Enter the hostname or IP address of the IBM QRadar appliance you want to use as a Secondary Destination.
  7. In the Secondary Failover (seconds) field, enter the number of seconds that the primary destination must be unreachable before the agent begins sending events to the secondary destination.
  8. Click Save.