Deployment monitoring

Master Console shows a graphical representation, referred to as a deployment card, of the health and operational data for each IBM® QRadar® deployment that is connected to Master Console.

You can view the deployment cards on the Deployments by Severity page. To help you quickly determine which deployments require attention, the deployments cards are sorted into three groups: Critical, Warning, and Healthy.

Figure 1. Deployment cards in Master Console
The image shows a single deployment card under each of the three status headings: Critical, Warning, and Healthy.
Each deployment card shows the following information:
  • The number of managed hosts in the deployment.
  • The status of the deployment, as represented by the colors around the circle. For example, if your deployment has two managed hosts, and 1 has a critical status, half of the circle around the number 2 is red.
  • The number of critical, warning, and informational system notifications within the last 24 hours.
  • The event and flow rates, which are measured as an average over the last 15 minutes.

When Master Console cannot connect to a deployment, the deployment card shows Disconnected. This status might mean that the deployment is powered off. When a deployment appears as Connected but not receiving data, the authorization token might be revoked or expired.

You can do the following actions on the deployment card:
  • Click the deployment card to open the Managed Hosts view.
  • Click the menu icon to edit the deployment details or to disconnect the deployment from Master Console.