Installing adapters

You must download the adapter files to your IBM® QRadar® SIEM Console, and then copy them to IBM QRadar Risk Manager.

Before you begin

After you establish the initial connection, QRadar SIEM Console is the only device that can communicate directly with QRadar Risk Manager.


  1. Using SSH, log in to your QRadar SIEM Console as the root user.
  2. Download the compressed file for the QRadar Risk Manager adapters from Fix Central ( to your QRadar SIEM Console.
  3. To copy the compressed file from your QRadar SIEM Console to QRadar Risk Manager, type the following command:

    scp root@IP_address:

    The IP_address option is the IP address or host name of QRadar Risk Manager.

    For example:

    scp root@

  4. On your QRadar Risk Manager appliance, type the password for the root user.
  5. Using SSH from your QRadar SIEM Console, log in to your QRadar Risk Manager appliance as the root user.
  6. To unpack and install the adapters, type the following commands from the root directory that contains the compressed file:


    yum install -y adapters*.rpm

    For example:


    yum install -y adapters*.rpm

    Important: For QRadar Risk Manager versions before V.7.2.8, use the rpm command. For example:

    rpm -Uvh adapters*.rpm

  7. To restart the services for the ziptie server and complete the installation, type the following command:

    service ziptie-server restart

    Important: Restarting the services for the ziptie server interrupts any device backups that are in progress from Configuration Monitor.