Update script file warn and error messages

WinCollect accepts only files that begin with update_*.xml. Adding an .xml file that does not start with update_ results in errors like this one in the WinCollect.log file:

01-31 13:58:04.350 WARN  Code.ChangeCtrl : Don't know what to do with this file: fakefile.xml -- only 
update_*.xml files are considered update scripts
01-31 13:58:04.356 DEBUG Code.ChangeCtrl : Found 1 invalid files in the patch folder, archiving...
01-31 13:58:04.357 WARN  Code.ChangeCtrl : There were no files in this patch affecting the configuration.
01-31 13:58:04.359 ERROR Code.ChangeCtrl : Unable to move C:\Program Files\IBM\WinCollect\patch\fakefile.xml to 
C:\Program Files\IBM\WinCollect\patch_20200131_135804\fakefile.xml - error:2:The system cannot find the file specified.