Modifying the event data storage configuration

You want to change the location and capacity of the event data that is stored in the \programdata\WinCollect file. You want to store the event data in C:\WinCollect\Data and change the capacity to 20 GB. You can make these changes by using the update_updtTemplate.xml update script.


  1. Locate the update_updtTemplate.xml template in the \IBM\WinCollect\samples directory.
  2. Save a copy of the template and name it update_dataLocationAndCapacity.xml.
  3. Modify the file:
    1. Open the agent config definition file (AgentConfigDefinition.xml) and find the parameter that you want to modify.
      Important: Do Not Modify the AgentConfigDefinition.xml file.
      The UserData.Location and UserData.Events.Capacity flags are in the SystemSettings object.
      Note: %ALLUSERSPROFILE% is an environment variable. The default value is C:\ProgramData. In this use case, change this value to C:/WinCollect/Data.
    2. In your script, change the value of the UserData.Location parameter to C:\Wincollect\Data, and the description to Changed the stored wincollect data to C:/Wincollect/Data.
    3. Change the UserData.Events.Capacity parameter to 20480 (20GB in MB) and the description to Increased data capacity to 20GB (20480MBs).
      The final script looks like this:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <WinCollectScript version="10.0">
              descr="Changed the stored wincollect data to C:/Wincollect/Data."/>
              descr=Increased data capacity to 20GB (20480MBs)"/>
  4. Save the update_dataLocationAndCapacity.xml file and move it to the \IBM\WinCollect\patch directory.
    After a few seconds, the file disappears and the agent restarts. The old agentconfig.xml file is moved to the backup directory (patch_checkpoint_xxxx).