QRadar Pulse app

IBM® QRadar® Pulse is a dashboard app that you can use to communicate insights and analysis about your network. Take the pulse of your SOC with dynamic real-time dashboards that provide meaningful insights into your security posture and threat landscape. Visualize offenses, network data, threats, malicious user behavior, and cloud environments from around the world in scatter and choropleth geographical maps and auto-updating charts. Share dashboards with colleagues. See offenses unfold near real time and track your security threats from around the globe.

QRadar Pulse includes the following key capabilities:

  • Use predefined dashboard templates to get started before you create one of your own.
  • Use dashboard links or export dashboards to share them with colleagues.
  • Create dashboard items based on AQL queries, QRadar offenses, or by using the generic API to access a full range of data from QRadar or its apps.
  • Fine-tune your display with themes and flexible dashboard layout.
  • Expand dashboard items to display in a multi-screen SOC.
  • Create unique dashboards to track and communicate insights and analysis about your network.
  • Explore insights by drilling down to a Pulse dashboard, a URL, or a specific page in the calling application (QRadar or QRadar Analyst Workflow).