Configuring QRadar for creating multiple instances

You must configure QRadar administrative settings to create multiple instances.

About this task

You can only create multiple instances with the QRadar Assistant V3.0.0 and QRadar 7.4.0 Fix Pack 1 and later.


  1. Create a security profile that would be associated later for the instance. For more information, see Security Profiles.
  2. Optional: Create domains and associated those with the security profile specified in Step 1. For more information on domain management in QRadar, see Creating domains.
  3. Create a user role that can access this app. See User roles
  4. Create a user and associate to the specific security profile and user role. See Creating a user account.
  5. Deploy changes.


  1. Create a security profile "Blue Office."
  2. Create a user role named "DevOps."
  3. Create a user named "blue-dev" to be associate with the security profile "Blue Office" and the user role "DevOps."
  4. Deploy changes.
  5. Create a new instance for the user "blue-dev."