XFE credentials error messages and troubleshooting

If you encounter error messages when you are setting up and entering your XFE credentials, review the message description and troubleshooting information.

Try the following suggestions for any errors you encounter and if your problems still exist, please contact IBM® Support.

XFE API key and password must be supplied.

You must supply the XFE credentials that are generated from the IBMid account that you used to register for QRadar® Advisor with Watson™.

The credentials are invalid.

Make sure the credentials that you enter are correct and are the same credentials that were generated from the IBMid account that you used to register for QRadar Advisor with Watson.

The proxy settings are invalid. Failed to contact XFE.

Can’t contact the X-Force® Exchange to verify your XFE credentials. Check and correct your proxy settings in the previous QRadar Advisor with Watson configuration step.

Failed to contact XFE.

If you receive this message, it is likely a network issue. Verify that your QRadar Console can access the internet and then retry submitting your XFE credentials.

The credentials have not been provisioned for QRadar Advisor with Watson. Please contact IBM Customer Support.

You should receive an email that confirms your subscription has been assigned after your subscription was provisioned.

Your subscription is inactive. Contact IBM Customer Support to reactivate your account.

Contact IBM Support.