Use cases for QRadar Deployment Intelligence

Use IBM® QRadar® Deployment Intelligence to monitor the health of your deployment, prevent and troubleshoot performance problems, and size your QRadar deployment.

Health monitoring, problem prevention, and troubleshooting

QRadar Deployment Intelligence displays various QRadar metrics at the application, middleware, and system level. You can monitor changes in application load across various users in real time, and how the system operates at a low level in relation to the application load. Monitor components that are saturated, or users that are placing a heavy load on QRadar. Use the overall view to help you prevent performance and health-related QRadar outages, such as license oversubscription, slow searches, API bottlenecks, and memory issues. When an outage occurs, QRadar Deployment Intelligence provides users with the information that they can use to perform an analysis on the system with real-time graphs and advanced health querying. Using QRadar Deployment Intelligence to perform this analysis is much faster than a traditional back-end investigation.

Sizing QRadar

Use the various metrics that QRadar Deployment Intelligence monitors to effectively and efficiently size QRadar. The Top/Bottom graphs display overused and underused systems in the deployment, which can help you to properly balance load across your QRadar deployment. You can use QRadar Deployment Intelligence to predict the future QRadar loads by observing current trends, which can help you to be proactive in sizing your deployment.