Unpairing hosts

When you want to remove a host from your IBM QRadar deployment or pair a host with a different host, you must unpair the host before proceeding. If you don't unpair the host before you remove it from your deployment, the IPtable rules and Ariel copy profile remain on your deployment and you must manually remove them.

  1. On the primary QRadar console, click Admin > Data Synchronization app the host that you want to unpair, choose one of the following methods:
    • Select the checkbox next to the paired host.

    • Click the hostname of the paired host.

  2. Click Unpair and then confirm the unpairing.
  3. When prompted, run the command for each host as it appears in the Before continuing window to delete the ssh keys that were created when the hosts were originally paired.
  4. After you run the command on each host, click Continue.

QRadar® Data Synchronization finishes unpairing the hosts and deletes the adaptable rules and Ariel copy profile for the paired hosts.