Uninstalling the Threat Globe app

The Threat Globe app is deprecated and is no longer installed with QRadar Pulse as of version 2.2.6. The Threat Globe app is not uninstalled during the Pulse upgrade and continues to work while CentOS is running in the Docker containers. Administrators who want to remove the Threat Globe app can do so by using the QRadar Assistant app.

About this task

To minimize disruption, notify your nonadministrative users before you uninstall the Threat Globe app. In QRadar Pulse, users who were viewing a Threat Globe dashboard before you remove the app see a blank dashboard.


  1. On the QRadar® console, click the icon to open QRadar Assistant.
  2. If you're using QRadar Assistant for the first time, you must create an authorized service token for QRadar Assistant, or use an existing valid token. Click Manage Authorized Services and complete the following steps.
    1. Enter a valid authorized service token into the banner on the Assistant app page and click Save.
      Important: The security profile for the token must be Admin.
    2. Click Settings, select the API Authentications tab, and enter your X-Force® Exchange API Key and API Password.
    3. For Assistant 3.5.0 or later, click the gear icon on the Assistant app page to go to the Settings page, and then enter the authorized service token, your X-Force® Exchange API Key, and API password.
  3. In QRadar Assistant, click the Applications icon in the menu bar.
  4. On the Installed page, click Manage, and then scroll down to the Custom Applications section.
  5. Select the Threat Globe row and click Delete from the More options menu.
  6. In QRadar Pulse, refresh your browser window to update the display.


The Threat Globe dashboard is no longer available in the Dashboard list.