QRadar Network Threat Analytics installations

Before you install the IBM® QRadar® Network Threat Analytics app, use the checklist to ensure that you are ready to install.
  • Ensure that the system meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Ensure that you have an IBMid.

    The IBMid is required only if you choose to download the app directly from the IBM Security App Exchange, rather than use the IBM QRadar Assistant app to install.

    If you don't have an IBMid, you can sign up on the IBM Security App Exchange (https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/hub).

  • Ensure that the QRadar network hierarchy is accurately defined.
  • Install the QRadar Network Threat Analytics app.
  • Configure the app by providing an authorized service token.
    Note: You must configure the app with an authorized service token that has administrator permissions. The authorized token must be able to authenticate before the app can start to create the network baseline.
  • Wait for the app to create the network baseline.

    The time to create the baseline depends on the volume and complexity of the network data and the performance of your QRadar instance. The app Configuration page includes a status indicator that approximates the progress. It can take a long time to complete.