Installing the QRadar Vulnerability Insights app

Download and install the IBM® QRadar® Vulnerability Insights app from the IBM Security App Exchange.

Before you begin

Important: You must have a QRadar Vulnerability Manager license to use the QRadar Vulnerability Insights app. Customers with an existing license can use the QRadar Vulnerability Insights app Compare Scans flow capability. New licenses do not have scanning capabilities but do provide access to all other app functions. For more information, see Transitioning Vulnerability Assessment in IBM Security QRadar (

You must have an IBM ID to access the IBM Security App Exchange and download the app. You can register for an IBM ID at IBM registration (

To use the QRadar Vulnerability Insights app, you must upload and allocate a valid QRadar Vulnerability Manager license key. Without the license key, you cannot use the app, and the app does not appear on the Admin tab. For more information about the QRadar Vulnerability Manager license key, see Installations and deployments (


  1. Download the QRadar Vulnerability Insights extension from the IBM Security App Exchange (
  2. On the QRadar Console, click Admin > Extensions Management.
  3. In the Extensions Management window, click Add.
    1. In the Add a New Extension window, click Browse to find the app extension that you downloaded.
    2. Select Install immediately, and then click Add.
    3. Click Install.

      The extension appears in the Extensions Management window after it is installed.

  4. Refresh your browser to see the QVI tab in QRadar.


If the app installed successfully, you see it listed as 'Installed' on the Extensions Management page of the Admin tab. If the app didn't install correctly, see QRadar apps troubleshooting.