Installing the QRadar DNS Analyzer app

Use the IBM® QRadar Extension Management tool to upload and install your app archive directly to your QRadar® Console.

Before you begin

Ensure the requirements that are listed in Supported environments for QRadar DNS Analyzer are met.

About this task

Note: The installation of apps does not void your IBM warranty for QRadar.

After you download your app from the IBM Security App Exchange, use the IBM QRadar Extension Management tool to install it on your QRadar Console.


  1. Open the Admin settings:
    • In IBM QRadar V7.3.0 or earlier, click the Admin tab.
    • In IBM QRadar V7.3.1 and later, click the navigation menu (Icon for main navigation menu), and then click Admin to open the admin tab.
  2. Click Extension Management > Add, and then select the archive that you want to upload.
  3. Select the Install immediately check box.
    Note: You might have to wait several minutes before your app becomes active.


If the app installed successfully, you see it listed as 'Installed' on the Extensions Management page of the Admin tab. If the app didn't install correctly, see QRadar apps troubleshooting.

What to do next

Note: Clear your browser cache and refresh the browser window before you use the app.

Before you can use the IBM QRadar DNS Analyzer app, you must configure extra settings.

To install the DNS Analyzer dashboard in the QRadar Pulse app, follow the instructions in Install DNS Analyzer dashboard on QRadar Pulse app.

To synchronize the DNS Analyzer dashboard templates in the QRadar Pulse app, follow the instructions in Synchronizing dashboard templates from content extensions