Configuring the QRadar Pre-Validation app

Configure X-Force Exchange settings and proxy server settings for the IBM QRadar Pre-Validation app.

Before you begin

You must obtain a set of IBM X-Force Exchange API key and password by following the steps that are described in Obtaining an API Key and Password.


  1. From the Pre-Validation tab on the QRadar® Console, click the Gear icon (Gear icon).
  2. Set Auto update to On.
    Note: Enable Auto Update to use the latest custom property rule data for running custom event property smoke test.
  3. In the X-Force Exchange settings section, enter your X-Force Exchange API Key and API Password.
  4. Optional: In the Proxy server settings section, you can configure the following settings to use a proxy server for updates.
    Option Description
    Server address The IP address of the proxy server.
    Port The port number used by the proxy server to communicate with the update server.
    Server Username User name that is required for authenticating to the proxy server.
    Server Password Password that is required for authenticating to the proxy server.
  5. Click Save, and then close the Pre-Validation - Settings window.

What to do next

Validate an extension package.