Configuring optional settings for the QRadar Advisor with Watson app

After you configure the required settings for the QRadar® Advisor with Watson™ app, you can configure optional setting to increase the effectiveness of your investigations.

Note: Because QRadar Advisor with Watson does not use the X-Force® Premium QRadar rules, you do not need to enable the X-Force rules. QRadar Advisor with Watson uses only the advanced search functions that the X-Force Premium feed creates.
Complete the following optional setup procedures:
  • Configure automatic offense investigations
  • Configure asset identification
  • Map the closing reason priority (V2.5.1 and later)
  • Configure automatic reference set export
  • Set your retention policy for retaining analysis results in the QRadar Advisor with Watson app.
  • Map your threat intelligence reference sets in QRadar to the QRadar Advisor with Watson app property names
  • Optimize your QRadar system
Optional Settings V2.5.1
Optional configuration settings screen