Configuring the destination site settings

Configure the destination site that backs up the main site.

Ensure you have a copy the Authorized Service token for the main site and Authorized Service token for the destination site to enter when you configure the destination site settings. To obtain an Authorized Service token, see Creating an authorized service token.
  1. On the destination QRadar Console, click Admin > Data Synchronization app.
  2. Review the welcome page information, click Continue, and then click Destination site.
  3. In the Site IP/Hostname field, enter the IP address or hostname of the console from your main site.
  4. In the Site security token field, enter the token that is used for the destination site.
  5. In the Main site's security token field, enter the token that is used for the main site
  6. Click Step 2: Connection test to verify that the connection is configured correctly.
    During the connection test, the following steps are completed:
    • Verifies the authentication token
    • Tests for configured domains
    • Verifies the paired authentication token
    • Retrieves the Data Synchronization app ID:
    • Verifies the connection to the QRadar API
  7. Click Finish.
  8. On the Admin tab of QRadar, click Deploy changes to apply the changes.
    Important: The following services continue to function on the destination site when synchronized to the main site:
    • Ariel
    • Ecs-ec
    • Ecs-ec-ingress
    • Ecs-ep
    • Hostcontext
    • Httpd
    • Tomcat
    • Tunnel