Example: Investigating a spike in offenses

View details about an increase in new offenses over time. On the System Overview page, you notice a spike in new offenses and some activity events that occurred during the same time frame.

A spike in offenses is abnormal behavior that you might want to investigate.


  1. From the Activity graph, click a point on the graph. A detailed list of activities for the time range that you selected displays in a list below the graph.
  2. From the Activities list, select an activity item to view more information about the activity item that you selected.

    By reviewing the details in the panel, you might find that a CRE Rule was added or modified, which resulted in the spike in activity. By viewing the activity, you can determine if the change that the user made is correct. You might discover that the user made an error and the new offenses are false positives.

    Figure 1. Activity Event detail
    Activity Event detail