Building a free style condition filter

A free style condition filter allows you to filter query results using the expression designer.

About this task

One way to filter your query results is to build a set of expressions from the expression designer. This method is recommended for anyone who is familiar with the QMF expression designer syntax. To build a free style condition filter:


  1. Open the Dynamart Filter Wizard, select the Enable filtering check box, select Free style condition filter and click Next.
    The Edit dynamart filter expression page opens.
  2. Using proper expression syntax, write the expression that you to use to filter the results in the Expression field.
  3. Use the function categories on the right to help you construct your filter expressions.
    Note: You can use you own functions to construct the filter expression. For more information, see Adding custom functions.
  4. Once you have finished building you filter expressions, click Finish.
    The Dynamart Filter Wizard closes and the query results are filter.