Working with accelerator-only tables

Accelerator-only tables are tables that do not originate from Db2® base tables. Their data exists only on an accelerator. Data in accelerator-only tables can only be modified by data-manipulation (DML) statements (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE). With accelerator-only tables, you can do in-database transformation (IDT) in a more efficient way.

Queries and data-manipulation statements against accelerator-only tables are always routed to an accelerator. If a SQL statement does not satisfy the conditions for acceleration, the statement fails. Furthermore, DML statements that are run on an accelerator can only manipulate data in accelerator-only tables.

Accelerator-only tables are useful for statistics and analytic tools that employ temporary data for reports because the high velocity of execution allows these tools to gather all required data quickly. Since the data in these tables can be modified fast, they are also ideal for data-preparation tasks that must be completed before the data can be used for predictive modeling.

Use accelerator-only tables if you want to accelerate queries that access previously calculated, interim result sets. To take full advantage of the product's high-speed capabilities, store all your interim results in accelerator-only tables. This allows subsequent queries or data transformations to process all relevant data on the accelerator.