About this information

This information contains details about the QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere® Administrator applications.

1 The information includes instructions for:
  • Installing QMF for Workstation applications
  • Installing QMF for WebSphere applications
  • Using QMF for Workstation Administrator to configure a repository
  • Using QMF for WebSphere Administrator to configure a repository
  • Setting up resource limits to control resource usage

Specific changes since the previous edition of this book are indicated by a vertical bar (|) to the left of a change. Editorial changes that have no technical significance are not noted.

Always check the QMF Library page for the most current version of this publication.

1 Throughout this information, the IBM® QMF client for WebSphere Application Server is referred to as QMF for WebSphere and the IBM QMF client for Workstation environment is referred to as QMF for Workstation.