Viewing properties for workspace objects

The Properties dialog displays the property values for a selected object from the Workspaces view.

About this task

The information provided varies based on the object that is selected. Objects, folders, data sources, and workspaces all have property values that can be displayed. From the Properties dialog you can also modify some property values.

To view or change property values:


  1. Right-click an item in the repository, select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties window opens.
  2. The content of the Properties window varies based on the type of item that you select. For all items in the workspace an information page is available. This page gives detailed information on the workspace object. You can add or edit comment information on this page.
  3. Additional property pages are available for data sources that are included in the workspace. Select one of the following from the tree:
    • Connection Parameters: To view or edit the connection information that is used to connect to the data source.
    • Plug-ins: To view or change the plug-ins that have been activated for the data source.
    • Resource Limits: To view, define, or edit the resource limits that have been defined for the data source.
    • Login mapping: To view, define, or edit the login mapping IDs that have been defined for the data source. (QMF for Workstation only)
    • Security: To view, define, or change the users and groups that can access the data source, if it is under the control of the Internal or LDAP security option. You can also view or change the permission levels that have been granted to each user or group. (QMF for Workstation only)
  4. To restore all the default values for the property values, click Restore Defaults.
  5. To implement the changes that you have made to any of the property values, click Apply.
  6. Click OK to close the Properties window.