Specifying object properties

Properties and their corresponding values for each element or object in a visual project are displayed in the Properties view.

About this task

The properties presented in the Properties view vary depending on the element or object that is selected in the editor window or in the Project Explorer view. Properties are listed with their current or default values.

There are many ways for you to modify the property values. You can modify the property values using constants, mathematical expressions, function expressions, or property expressions. For many properties, you can select a value from the property's list box of accepted values. Property values that you specify must match the data type required for the property.

To specify or modify individual object properties from the Properties view:


  1. The Properties view opens automatically when you are in the Visual Designer perspective. If the Properties view is not open, you can open it by selecting Window > Show View > Properties. To open the Visual Designer perspective, select Window > Open perspective > Visual Designer.
  2. Select from the Project Explorer view, or the editor window, the element or object whose properties you want to view or modify. Once selected, the properties for that element or object are displayed in the Properties view.
  3. Click the property cell for the property that you want to modify and enter the value. Depending on the property, the values that you enter could be a constant, a global or local parameter, a column name that is associated with the results of a query, a selection from a list of available values or an expression. The value you enter must match the data type required for the property.
  4. You can use the Expression Designer to help you specify property values. Click the Edit with Expression Designer toolbar button in the Properties view to open the Expression Designer.
  5. You can use the Variables bar to help you specify property values that will use global or local parameters or column names from a set of query results.