Modifying the Palette view display settings

You can vary the way objects are displayed in the Palette view.

About this task

To vary the way objects are displayed in the Palette view:


  1. Open the Palette view.

    Generally, the Palette view opens within the editor window when the visual project is active.

    If the Palette view is not opened, open it using the following method:
    1. Select Window > Open perspective > Visual Designer
    2. With the Visual Designer perspective open, select Window > Show View > Other
    3. From the Show View window, select General > Palette and click OK

      The Palette view opens.

    Note: If there is no active visual project, the palette will be unavailable. To make the Palette available, you must first select a visual project. For example, a Visual Report or Visual Dashboard.
  2. Each group of objects is displayed in a separate drawer. Clicking on the drawer will alternately expand and collapse the drawer, displaying or hiding the object icons.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the Palette view. From the pop-up menu select one of the following options:
    • Layout → Columns to arrange the object icons and their names in two columns.
    • Layout → List to arrange the object icons and their names in a list.
    • Layout → Icons Only to display only the object icons.
    • Layout → Details to display the object icons, their names and a description.
  4. From the pop-up menu, select Settings to open the Palette Settings window where you can set the font that is used to display the name and descriptions of the icons, specify layout options, and specify drawer options:
    • To specify font options, click Change. A Font window opens where you can change the default font.
    • To specify layout options, select from the Layout radio group. Also, select the Use large icons check box to display larger icons.
    • To specify drawer options, Select from the Drawer options radio group. Your choices are:
      • Always close when opening another drawer
      • Close automatically when there is not enough room
      • Never close
      Note: You can also control the opening and closing of drawers by clicking the pin icon that appears in the drawer of each palette type. Clicking the pin open icon (it becomes highlighted) will cause the current drawer to stay open when you open another drawer. Clicking a highlighted pin will turn the pin open icon off and cause each drawer to be closed when another drawer is opened.
  5. From the pop-up menu, select Customize to open the Customize Palette dialog.
    In the Customize Palette window, you can change the name and description of palette objects, rearrange how objects are displayed in the palettes, delete objects from the Custom palette, and control the visibility of palettes on start up.