Copying tables

Use the Repository Explorer view to copy tables inside the currently open data source.

About this task

To copy a table, complete the following procedure:


  1. In the Repository Explorer view, right-click the table that you want to copy and select Copy from the menu.
  2. Right-click the Tables node of the tree of objects and select Paste from the menu.
    The Copy Table window opens.
  3. In the Destination Table Parameters area, type the name and the owner for the new table in the Table name and Table owner fields.
  4. In the Detailed Destination area, specify the destination where you want to export your query result set. If you select the Database and accelerator or the Accelerator only option, specify the accelerator that you want to use from the Accelerator list and the accelerator database where you want to save your tables from the Accelerator Database list.
    Note: The Detailed Destination area is only available if you are working with the Db2 z/OS database, and query acceleration is enabled.
  5. In the Method area, specify the method of saving the data:
    • If you select Regular, QMF sends the query results back to the database and inserts them into the database table by using an individual SQL INSERT statement for each row of data.
    • If you select Fast, QMF adds SQL to the original query, reruns the query, and saves the data directly into the specified table.
  6. In the Existing Data Option area, specify how existing data is to be handled:
    • Replace any existing data to replace any existing data that is in the specified table on the database.
    • Add to any existing data to add to any existing data that is in the specified table on the database.
  7. In the Commit scope field, specify the number of rows to insert before committing the changes. If this value is set to zero, all of the rows are inserted before a commit occurs.
  8. Click OK.