Activating sample tables

You must activate the sample tables.

About this task

To activate the sample tables:


  1. From the Repository Explorer view, right-click a data source that has been configured to access a QMF catalog. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties for [data source] dialog opens. Click the Plug-ins folder. The Plug-ins dialog box opens. Select Plug-ins from the properties tree. Verify that the Enable plug-in check box is selected. Click the Parameters button. The QMF Catalog Plug-in Parameters dialog box opens. Click the Sample Tables tab. The Sample Tables dialog box opens.
  2. From the Sample Tables dialog box, click Create.
  3. If you are prompted with the message that says existing sample tables will be overwritten if new tables are created, respond to the confirmation message by clicking Yes.
  4. The status bar at the bottom of the dialog window lists the sample tables that are being created.
  5. Click OK to close the QMF Catalog Plug-in Parameters dialog box.