Including a summary row

You can include a summary row in a table using the Show Total Summaries menu item.

About this task

By selecting the Show Total Summaries command in the associated query's Results menu, you can include a summary row with aggregated totals in the table object. To include a summary row in a table:


  1. Insert a table object that is populated with data from an existing query into the dashboard canvas.
  2. Open the Queries folder in the Project Explorer and double-click the table object's associated query.
    The query opens in the query editor.
  3. Run the query.
    The query results are displayed in the query results editor.
  4. Select Results > Show Total Summaries.
    A summary row is added to the query results grid.
  5. Right-click a column header label, select Grouping and Aggregation, and select the aggregated total that you want to add to the summary row.
    Repeat this for any column that you want to add an aggregated total to.
  6. Save and close the query.
  7. Run the visual dashboard.
    The summary row is displayed, with the aggregated totals that you selected, in the table object's grid.