Working with global variables

Global variables are variables that stay active while the current session of QMF is active. This is in contrast to substitution variables that are active only during the execution of an object (query, form, procedure).

For objects that use substitution variables, values are entered via a window when the object is run. After the object runs, the variable and the value that you used no longer exists. For objects that use global variables, the value currently defined for the global variable is used.

There are two types of global variables:
  • System global variables are pre-loaded with the QMF application. That means their values are re-initialized each time you open the QMF application. System global variables begin with the letters DSQQW, DSQAO, DSQEC, DSQDC, and DSQCP. You cannot add or delete system global variables. However, you can edit the default values for the system global variables.
  • User global variables are defined by the user. User global variables can be specified with any unique name that does not begin with the letters DSQQW, DSQAO, DSQEC, DSQDC, and DSQCP. User global variables values can be available during the current session or permanently. Use QMF client components to work with user global variables.

Using the Global Variables page of the Preferences window you can view, add, delete and edit your user global variables. You can also edit the values of the system global variables.