Setting the search configuration

You use the Search Configuration page of the Preferences window to modify your search preferences.

About this task

You can enable or disable search on QMF objects, View, Indexing location, specify your search output limit, specify the target categories on which search is performed.


  1. Select View > Preferences. The Preferences window opens. Select Search Configuration from the tree.
  2. From the Indexing options, you can select Index On or Index Off.
    Indexing is the basic requirement of the search functionality. Only indexed objects are searched. When you select Index Off, the newly created objects are not indexed and hence are not searched. Since search operates only on the indexed objects, we recommend to select the Index On option for the search to work smoothly and return correct and updated results. For example, if you move a file from one folder to another, the index functionality updates the new file location and allows search to be performed on the file in the new location. The new changes to the objects such as creating a new object, updating it, or deleting it, are automatically updates the index.
  3. From the Advanced options options, you can specifiy the Results Limit.
    Results Limit defines the number of objects returned in the search result. By default, result limit is set to five, which means only five objects are displayed on the screen.
    Note: Storage location is the location where the indexes are created. You cannot edit this field.
  4. From the Object List options, select the target categories on which the search is performed.
    Note: By default, the search on Query Content is not enabled.
  5. To save your preferences choices, click Apply.
  6. Optional: To restore the default preference values, click Restore Defaults.
  7. Click OK to close the Preferences window.